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Hey Y'all

I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Chadd Rosenberg (sorry no cool alias) and I am the manager for the band The Edison Show. I was very impressed with this site and hope it continues to grow. Your support is essential to our success and we will not forget those who believed in us at our early stages. Make sure when you go to the website that you fill out your contact info and join the mailing list. The best thing you all can do to help us out of infancy is to email everyone you know and get them to goto the website and join the email list and get those people to email everyone they know. What we really need is Marissa Elena to write a Chain Letter (minus the "bad stuff will happen to you if you don't...) (: As Turtle said we also need everyone to know about We have risen to 15 on the charts and are the most active band on the site. If you have contributed then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you ever want to talk to the band or get a message to them just email Oh about the missing member... Fitzall just joined the band last month so the website and livejournal site have outdated pics. We have just finished our latest photo shoot today and will update all the photos soon. Latest news, the website will have an online store to purchase cd's and merch plus four new songs arrive within a couple of weeks. We are tracking vocals as I type this. Thanks for all your support!!!
PS congrats to twistedangel on her date (:
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