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I cut like a knife and I dance just like a dream!

Alright! All my finals are OVER! My books are ready to be sold (hopefully for at least 15 bucks each considering they each cost about 80) and I am now stress free (at least for the week of Spring Break). Now that all that stuff is over, I can concentrate on doing fun stuff! Like anything to do with music! I posted at a bunch of communities about The Edison Show, so hopefully that will bring more people to our lovely community. I also want to start working on some flyers that will have a pic of ALL of the guys so hopefully when the new pics come out and are high resolution I will be able to make some flyers. I have found that it is very effective to leave a stack of flyers in your student union or just handing them to people in your classes. Passing notes? Why not write behind a flyer and boom, you're promoting without even trying! And of course, flyering after a local show/concert is always effective. Post in your journal about the guys, post in your fave communities. I have a penchant for making mix CDs, throw some Edison Show jams in the CDs you make for your friends (I've already turned quite a few of my friends into fans just by getting them to hear "Sunflower").

Everyone is really great and you are all being added to my friends list, feel free to add me back!

<3, Marissa-Elena
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