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I won't give up when you set me free...

Hi! This is the first post. I'm your friendly maintainer, marissaelena. As of this writing, I haven't found anyone who lists The Edison Show as one of their interests, but it really should only be a matter of time. I got the chance to catch them live at Cal State LA (where I go to school) in February. They absolutely blew me away! It was as though The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Maroon5 made a beautiful baby named The Edison Show. Mike has amazing stage presence! I got to talk to them after they performed and they are so amazingly nice. I also bought their CD and they so graciously signed it. I hope they come back to California (preferably near Los Angeles) so I can go see them. I hope we will have more members (i.e. people besides me) in this community!

1. Name: Marissa-Elena
2. How did you find out about The Edison Show?: They did a free show at CSULA with Holden. Personally, Holden wasn't really my flavor, but The Edison Show was amazing. I was in awe and of course bought the CD which is currently in constant spin in my CD player.
3. What is your favorite Edison Show song?: Sunflower
4. Have you seen them live?: Yes!
5. What are some of your other favorite bands/musical artists?: My favorite would have to be Tori Amos, but I love Rooney, Maroon5, Phantom Planet, Big City Rock, Mêlée, John Mayer, The Sounds, IMA Robot, Dashboard Confessional, The Strokes, Hellogoodbye and millions more!
6. Where are you from?: Montebello, CA
7. What musical artist do you love that we should check out?: Everyone should definitely check out Big City Rock, Mêlée, and Hellogoodbye.
8. Have you ever hit your funnybone? Did you like it or hate it?: Yeah I've done it a few times. It fucking hurts!

If there are any suggestions for making this community better, feel free to let me know!
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