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Hello!!!! :)

Just checked these guys out, per the recommendation of marissaelena. And with one listen I am hooked!!!

1. Name: Jen
2. How did you find out about The Edison Show?: By the wonderful guidance of marissaelena.
3. What is your favorite Edison Show song?: I believe I like Track 1 and Track 2 the best...the website doesn't have the names!!!
4. Have you seen them live?: Nope.
5. What are some of your other favorite bands/musical artists?: Maroon 5, 311, Dashboard Confessional, The Early November, Howie Day, Gavin DeGraw, Trapt and too many more to name!
6. Where are you from?: Grand Rapids, MI but I currently live in East Lansing, MI at Michigan State University.
7. What musical artist do you love that we should check out?: Matt Nathanson. He is AMAZING! And so funny and wonderful live!
8. Have you ever hit your funnybone? Did you like it or hate it?: Yes! Ouch! I'm cringing just thinking about it! :P
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