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The Edison Show

As Famous As We Want To Be

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This is a community dedicated to the soon to be huge band "The Edison Show."

They have currently finished up a college tour with the band Holden. Check their website for future tour dates, if they are going to be visiting your city, you should definitely see them. You won't regret it. Buy their CD, "As Famous As We Want To Be." It is on non stop spin in my CD player!

Introduce yourself!
1. Name:
2. How did you find out about The Edison Show?:
3. What is your favorite Edison Show song?:
4. Have you seen them live?:
5. What are some of your other favorite bands/musical artists?:
6. Where are you from?:
7. What musical artist do you love that we should check out?:
8. Have you ever hit your funnybone? Did you like it or hate it?:

If you have any questions, comments, politely worded complaints, feel free to post on my personal journal: marissaelena.