Kristyn (avaricemurony) wrote in the_edison_show,

Hi everyone.

1. Name: Kristyn
2. How did you find out about The Edison Show?: maroon5
3. What is your favorite Edison Show song?: Club or These Days
4. Have you seen them live?: No
5. What are some of your other favorite bands/musical artists?: Jeff Buckley, Maroon 5, Tim Tibbitts, Three Days Grace, Blu Sanders, betablokka, Gavin DeGraw, Granian, Incubus, John Mayer, etcetcetcetc
6. Where are you from?: Pennsylvania
7. What musical artist do you love that we should check out?: Tim Tibbitts - ... he's my friend and he's brilliant. Tell Me is the best song ever.
8. Have you ever hit your funnybone? Did you like it or hate it?: Hate it.

I think this band is PHENOMENAL. I can't wait to see them blow up.

I work for a website called and we promote unsigned bands and music. I just wanted to let you all know that I picked The Edison Show to win song of the week this week on the site. Feel free to come check it out! :)
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