Kristyn (avaricemurony) wrote in the_edison_show,

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Just a little promo for a great, brand new indie music website. We're looking for staff members and for people to hang out on the message board.

Phoenix Revolution has something for everyone who loves music or loves to play music.
And it's all free!

For Bands: CD reviews, show reviews, press releases, vital education, street team, a chance to help your fellow musicians, an mp3 player to upload your music and get feedback AND the chance to become the featured band of the month.

For Fans: free, legal mp3 downloads, message board, chatrooms, street team to help your favorite indie bands, and better yet, a chance to help revolutionize the industry!

Thank you kindly, I shall now stop wasting your time. :)

crossposted to a hundred different places, I apologize.

[edit] the URL is, my apologies. lol
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